The King’s Daughters Ministry serves women age 18-30 and their children who may be homeless, battered, self-harming or recovering from substance abuse. We are a residential ministry providing counseling, education and daily life skills. Children coming into residency must be 4 years or younger.

If you are interested in our program and would like an application please call our office at 704-263-4204 or use this Request Application for Residency Form.

A Three Phase Approach

Our Residents learn about their rights and responsibilities while living at the mission. They receive evaluations by professional Christian counselors, educators and ministers who assess their spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and educational needs. Each resident creates a plan of action to complete while at the mission.

Residents accomplish their action plan while obtaining professional counseling, biblical education, academic guidance, personal wellness and life skills training.

Residents continue working on independent living skills as they move toward their new lives untethered from harmful substances, unhealthy  relationships and free from government assistance. 

Application Process

Step 1: Request an Application via email at, by calling our office at 704-263-4204 or filling out an  Application for Residency Form . This is not our application, but a request for us to send you one.

Step 2: Fill out Application in detail and send back to The King’s Daughters Ministry by email at, dropping off your Application at our office located at 112 N. Main Street, Stanley, NC 28164 or by mailing it to us at PO Box 476, Stanley, NC 28164. Only completed applications will be reviewed.

Step 3: Administrative Office will review your application and set up an interview with you within 24-72 hours of receiving your application. Interview will take about an hour and will take place at our Administrative Office. Certain circumstances may require a phone interview or an offsite location.

Step 4: After Interview, you will be notified within 24 hours if you have been accepted into our program. At this point an intake date will be set and we will go over details about the intake process.

Resource Connection GatewayIf you feel like our program is not a fit for you but are still in need of services please contact the Resource Connection Gateway for more resources.