Happy New Year! I spent the last week or so of the year in the mountains of West Virginia hanging out with my mother-in-law and typing up her fabulous recipes to make Nana’s Cookbook for the family.  It was good down time especially since she does not have internet!  Needless to say, I went just a little stir crazy but we enjoyed our “unplugged” time together!  I missed you all and wanted to post a couple updates on how God is working here at The King’s Daughters Ministry!

  • Thrift store: Just before Christmas, we met with Michael Williams of Liquid Design. At no cost to the ministry, he graciously agreed to complete needed architecture work regarding the area in our space that we identified as possible area for the store.  Michael did some preliminary drawings, met with code enforcement, and provided us with a number of options.  After careful consideration, we chose the most cost effective option of taking the retail sales portion of the thrift store off campus.  The space we originally set aside for the thrift store will be used for receiving donations, sorting, and making items ready for sale.  Therefore none of our labors thus far in these areas will be wasted.  We have chosen a space in town for retail sales and are busy making plans to get open as soon as possible.  It is small but a good place to start!  I will soon post grand opening information and look forward to seeing you at the Penny Thrift shop!Michael and his folks at Liquid Design are working now on our pre-program design needs and we are grateful to them for their generosity to the ministry. Please take a moment to visit their website www.liquiddesign.net and facebook page!Many thanks to all who have donated items for us to sell in store. 

    Donate to our yard saleWe have a nice little selection started because of your grand generosity!  We are still collecting items of all kinds in preparation for opening so if you have “stuff”, we will take it off your hands!  Our sale of your donations will help take us one step closer to rescuing those at risk.

    We need additional volunteers to serve in receiving/sorting on campus and as sales clerks at the retail site in town.  If interested, please send your request for volunteer application to Barbara Watson at barbara@kdmonline.org

  • 501c3 Application:  I spoke with our rep at the IRS who has assured me that we are “good to go” and that all donations will be retroactively tax deductible from February 8, 2011 forward. However, we have not yet received our legal paperwork so we will save that happy dance for when we have the exemption designation in black and white. Much thanks to all your many prayers regarding this important development in the ministry. I will be sure to keep you posted!

  • Rent:  R & S Capital has extended another full year of FREE RENT to the ministry!  We will continue to pay a portion of utilities, phone, and internet but the ministry will not be charged any rent for the whole year of 2012.  We pray heaps of blessings on the generosity of this company and its owners!


  • Heat in our offices:  At the end of the year, a wonderful donor showed up with two ceramic space heaters!  Just in time, because I know you know IT IS COLD OUT THERE!  We do need at least one more to make bearable the spaces where we regularly work.  Praise God for heat…I sympathize with all those who have to live (or even work) out in it…You are in our prayers!

That is it for now…Many other exciting things happening but will save some for another day.  Again, thanks to all for your prayers, support, and generosity.  Because of you, soon we will begin to transform lives and shape generations by the power and glory of God!

Blessings for your year,

Sheryl Dorsey