Suzanne and Christy at Mt Holly Springfest BoothIt was such a wonderful day at the Mt Holly Springfest!…The weather was wonderful and the volunteers enthusiastic!  We received about $290 in sales and donations combined and made some awesome connections!  A special thanks to Christy Clark, the volunteer coordinator for the event. I was able to rest and enjoy the event because of you. Thanks so much to the volunteers who managed the booth: Robin, Suzanne, Erin, Tracy, and Brenda…great job ladies! To my husband, Greg, for carting all our stuff to and from the festival…you are truly a good man.  To Suzanne, my beautiful and generous right hand, thanks for taking me for a coffee break and brainstorm session…I treasure your commitment to the ministry and care for me as a sister in the Lord.  And to all the friends and family who stopped by to lend support…we are greatly encouraged by you. 

Blessings to all!
Sheryl Dorsey