Our Lord blessed us with fantastic weather today for the workday and fundraiser at The King’s Daughters Ministry!  The Youth Group from Angier Baptist Church impressed my socks off…They set the standard for all who come after:-) Special thanks to Lucia Baptist Church for hosting the Angier Youth Group for 2 nights of over night stay. God bless you abundantly for your hospitality! Community Pentecostal folks are some of the most giving people I have ever met and they worked steady all day long! Thanks Dwight Skidmore for leading the way.  Much kudos to Erin Funderburk and Suzanne LaMunion…These ladies labor beside me in the Lord all week long.  The ministry would not be where it is right now if it were not for their efforts and I am a better woman because of them!  Thanks Rick Metcalf, Tim Hicks, Rick Nagy, and Greg Dorsey for leading the work crews today….Your labor will not go unnoticed in the Kingdom!  Thank you Ellen Canipe with Orange Ball Graphics, for making our signs and Kim Robinson with HTD Network,  for getting the website up in time for the event.  Much blessings to you girls!

Thanks also to all the folks who helped us get the offices ready for the big day today.  You know who you are; too many to count but you make beautiful spaces!  We also want to send up our appreciation to Jimmy Golightly and Grace Wallace of MBAJ Architecture for their feverish labor to get our floor plan concept board ready.  It was a great assist in giving tours today.  May our Lord prosper you folks for your labors!  To our phenomenal Board of Directors, I am encouraged by your sacrifice.  And to all the friends and family that came out to show their support, we feel loved because of you!  God bless you all!!!  Love you all, Sheryl Dorsey, President of The King’s Daughters Ministry.