Thanks to a generous community we had a wonderful yard sale fundraiser Saturday!  Sales and donations totaled to about $2,042.00 –  Praise God!  We met several delightful people from the neighborhood throughout the day and had a good time with friends, family, and supporters alike! 
     A special thanks to board member Jil Hicks for coordinating the details of the event….Great job girl!  We also thank Jil, her husband Tim, Barbara Watson, Glenda Johnson, and Judy Coan for staying long hours to sort and tag yard sale items in prep and set up for the event.  That truly was a labor of love my friends!
     Many thanks to Rick Nagy, Lenoard & Dawn Smith, Tim Hicks, Nathan & Leslie Davis, Gail Robinson, and Greg Dorsey for set up assistance!  I know it was a tough job and we pray God’s many blessings for your labor.  And to our other yard sale assistants Bari Davis, Jason Blaylock, Leslie Davis, Nathan Davis, Candy Skidmore, Constance Skidmore, Suzanne Lamunion, and Erin Funderburk, we thank you for your hospitality to our guests.  I would be proud to labor with you again any day of the week!   Blessings to you Sandy Nagy for printing flyers at the last minute Friday…you really helped me out in a pinch!
     We are also especially grateful to Misty Aubry and Tracy Helton for the awesome taco-in-a-bag….mmm so good I could eat it every day!  And we would also like to express our thanks to Dwight Skidmore for laboring in the sun all day to provide hot dogs for hungry shoppers and volunteers. Dwight donated all proceeds to the ministry and we pray his generosity will not go unnoticed in the heavens or the earth.
     To Shannon Goodman, though you did not have any jewelry sales during the yard sale, we thank you for your willingness to sit in the heat all day in effort to pass your commissions on to us.  We pray you are blessed both in business and in life for your labor in the Lord.
    And please take notice, my friends, of a little store in the middle of town called Mixed Blessings Emporium!  Thank you Ellen and Renee for your generosity and kindness to us here at the ministry.  Your ongoing support has been a great comfort and encouragement to us. 
     My hope is that I have not left anyone out!  A special thanks goes out to all of the neighbors, family, and friends who donated and/or purchased items during this event, we are so grateful to you for taking time to come out and help move us one step closer to rescuing young girls and women at risk.

 Many Blessings,

Sheryl Dorsey