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Employment Opportunities



Shelter Manager Schedule (PART TIME 20+ hours/week):

· Overnight (5pm–9am next day) and daytime hours

· Must be able to spend the nights but NOT REQUIRED to remain awake overnight

· Must be 35 years of age

· Non-Smoker/Vaper

Position Description:

The Shelter Managers work closely with other Ministry staff to provide supportive services to the residents of the King’s Daughters Ministry (KDM). This position assumes responsibility for the efficient operation and administration of the KDM program for residents living at our Emerald House Shelter specifically during evenings, overnights, and weekends.


Technology Support Specialist Schedule (PART TIME (16-20 hours/week):

The King’s Daughters Ruby Hall Recovery Center

· On call primarily between the hours of 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Thursday, plus *urgent situations

Position Description:

The Technology Support Specialist is responsible for the administration of King’s Daughters Ministry’s technology infrastructure, including hardware and software management, security administration, website development and maintenance, and first level technical support. Additionally, this position is expected to be qualified to make recommendations regarding hardware and software purchases for the ministry.

Reports to the Executive Director.

* An urgent situation refers to any situation that interferes with access to or leaves Ministry vulnerable to financial or reputational harm.
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