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Apply For Residency


How To Apply

The King’s Daughters Ministry serves women age 18-30 and their children, who may be homeless, battered, self-harming or recovering from substance abuse. We are a residential ministry providing counseling, education and daily life skills. Children coming into residency must be 4 years or younger.

We are here to help others who may not meet these criteria! Please contact our office for referral assistance.

If you are interested in any of our programs and would like an application, please call our office at
704-263-4204 or Request Application for Residency form HERE.

Our Three Phase Program



Our Residents learn about their rights and responsibilities while living at the mission. They receive evaluations by professional Christian counselors, educators and ministers who assess their spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and educational needs. Each resident creates a plan of action to complete while at the mission.



Residents accomplish their action plan while obtaining professional counseling, biblical education, academic guidance, personal wellness and life skills training.



Residents continue working on independent living skills as they move toward their new lives untethered from harmful substances, unhealthy  relationships and free from government assistance. 

KDM Program Includes

  • Biblical Education

  • Professional Counseling

  • Psychiatric Follow Up

  • Legal Issue Advocacy

  • Domestic Violence / Healthy Relationship Education

  • Community Service Work

  • Formal / Continuing Education Support

  • Family Counseling and Advocacy

  • Budget Finance

  • Employment Readiness / Vocational Development

  • Parenting & Child Safety / Welfare

  • Home / Time Management

  • Meal Planning and Cooking

  • 24 Hours Supervised Shelter

  • Transportation

  • Food, Clothing & Personal Care

  • Random Search & Seizure

  • Random Drug Screenings

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