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Pearl Place


Emerald House Program Graduates and other individuals who complete a comparible program are eligible to apply to reside up to one year in this residential program which provides a safe place with high accountability to practice the coping tools learned. These individuals continue to receive counseling, education, and case plan services at our Ruby Hall Recovery Center during their stay at Pearl Place. Some program fees apply.

Who can apply?

    • Individuals who have graduated with satisfactory achievement from King’s Daughters Ministry Emerald House Program (see EH program guidelines for more graduation requirement details).

    • Individuals who have satisfactorily completed a comparable program at another agency.


In all cases, the following qualifications must be met prior to applying for the King’s Daughters Ministry Pearl Place Transition Program. Open spots are subject to KDM budgeting constraints and available housing.

• Completion of Program as noted Above
• Full Time Employment
• Vehicle (transportation is not provided by KDM in this program)
• Mobile Phone (with required apps installed)
• Completed KDM Application for the Pearl Place Transition Program
• In Person Interview
• Approval from Vote of KDM Leadership Staff

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